Latina Beauty

Latinas are known for dramatic beauty. Whether you prefer an effortless glow or brick-red and Hollywood-ready lips, sporting either one of these looks is sure to have you turning heads.

Red Carpet

1. To achieve a stunning red-carpet presence, keep your face flawless by applying full-coverage foundation that won’t gather in your fine lines or wrinkles.

2. For maximum drama, cleanse and prime lashes with a solution, apply black liquid eyeliner and then glue on individual lash extensions.

3. Apply a shimmery light-gray eye shadow directly underneath your eyebrows, and then blend a darker color on the bottom for a smoky look.

4. Show off your lips with a moisturizing matte-finish lipstick in a stunning red color.

Telenovela Hair

A telenovela-high ponytail will keep those loose strands away from your face at work and can easily transition to a fun night on the town. How to do it:

1. Bend forward and flip your hair over. Work a small dab of hair cream that straightens and smoothens out frizz, and then brush it out.

2. Next, gather hair in your hands as high as you can, securing with a tight elastic band. Voila!

3. Don’t forget, your face is on display! For a simple and beautiful glow, apply an eye cream with a touch of concealer, and brush a light bronzer on your cheeks.

Natural Shine

For a standout spring look, play with color. 

1. Start by dusting a rose-colored blush at the center of your cheeks with a makeup brush.

2. Open up your eyes with a light layer of mascara. If your lashes are straight, try a curling brush; if they’re thin, use a volumizing brush that maximizes each lash individually.

3. Glide on a glittery pink gloss just before you leave. Don’t forget to blow yourself a kiss on the way out the door!

Photo: Getty Images