Five Ways to Welcome La Primavera

Milly Almodóvar, founder and editor of Beauty Logic Blog, is passionate about the latest beauty trends and tips from around the world. Here, she shares big and small ways to pamper yourself this spring.


Make Time for Yourself

“As a mom, wife and beauty editor, life is busy. But, on Sunday, no matter what, I take time for myself. Whether it's making my own hair mask with coconut oil and honey or watching a Lifetime movie, I make sure that I have those moments alone. They are important for the soul.”

Have Fun with Your Makeup

“A lot of women use the same makeup [in spring] that they use during the winter. Switch it up. You might want to invest in a darker foundation or newer creams. Or switch your dark lips to brighter ones. I'm all about neon oranges this season. They look amazing on warmer skin tones.”


“I have a girlfriend who is always so calm and collected. I asked for her secret, and she told me that she meditates every morning. At first I thought she was crazy. But I was so stressed out one day that I decided to try it. I went to a dark room, lit a candle and just did it. Now I'm hooked. I'm finding that life isn't so stressful.”

Find Time to Work Out

“A lot of women I know don't work out because they claim they don't have time or the money. To me, if you really want to work out, you will. I do most of my exercise at home. So when my son goes to sleep, I'll grab some weights and get a workout in. I've learned that working out will not only make you look good, but feel good.”

Make Time for Friends and Family

“I used to think I was too busy to see my family and friends. I was so focused on my career, but when I did find time to spend with them, I noticed that I was much happier afterwards. So now, I see them at least once a week. There are times where I have felt like nothing in the world was going right, or maybe I wasn't where I should be in my life. One visit to my family and friends, and I felt like I could do anything.”

Fall’s Top Hairstyle Trends

Todo el año, the top red-carpet hair trends have expressed the same thing: Mujer Natural. With the Latin Grammys upon us, Las Fabulosas highlights the easy-to-wear estilos femininos we’re likely to see at the show.


High, low or side -- this no-fuss, no-muss ’do is a snap to pull off even on a bad hair day. The key is to keep it neat and eliminate fly-aways. Prep your hair with a serum that controls frizz and adds shine. Use a flat brush to smoothly pull back your tresses into a ponytail. Finish with light, anti-humidity hairspray.


The beauty of a braided, coiled up-do is that precision is not required. In fact, the style looks best when a few hairs are out of place. Dry shampoos give your hair just enough texture to keep braids from slipping. Have some fun with this style and play around with different kinds of plaits (fishtail, French, small sections, large sections, and more). Or keep it simple and just twist sections of hair, then pin them into place in fanciful coils.


Low-volume hair is also low-maintenance hair, and what girl doesn’t love that? This sexy, unfussy look is all about keeping it natural and un-done. Prep strands with dry shampoo, work a bit of texturizing pomade into the ends with your fingers, and you’re ready to go.


The cascading gold stars adorning the coifs for Rodarte on the fall runway set the tone for this season’s decadently modern hair accessories. Bejeweled headbands, chunky barrettes, chic combs, and sparkling, oversize bobby pins…the sky’s the limit (as long as it’s not a scrunchie!). Anthropologie and France Luxe have tons of options.

Guía for the Right Foundation

Fall is officially upon us, and as Latinas transition from beachwear and sandals to jackets and boots, we also need to start swapping our summer makeup essentials for more protective, hydrating cool-weather formulas.

Just as the name implies, foundation is key for creating a flawless complexion. And according to makeup artist Christina Ozaeta, most Latinas aren’t wearing the right shades to bring out their inner glow. Follow these tips to help Latinas correct tones and play up their natural radiance.

Even when you aren’t spending hours basking in the sun at the beach, you should wear sunscreen every day. Using a foundation with an SPF not only protects against skin cancer, it keeps la piel wrinkle- and spot-free for years to come. And in less need of foundation!

Most experts agree that the best way to find your ideal foundation shade is to test a strip on your cheek in daylight. Blend lightly and it should virtually disappear against your skin.

We’ve all been taught the importance of determining our skin tone for makeup: cool pink, warm olive, deep brown. But beauty guru Bobbi Brown suggests that foundations with yellow undertones is almost universally flattering and natural looking. If you can’t find the perfect hue, try mixing two shades together creating your own custom color.

Because our summer glows tend to fade through the winter months, most women need to go a shade or two lighter by January. So as we head into fall, begin blending your light and dark shades for a seamless transition.

Almost as important as finding the right foundation color for your complexion is finding the right formula. Since cool air tends to be drying, it’s essential that you moisturize to maintain a youthful glow all year round.

What would we do without concealer, the ultimate multi-tasker? It brightens, camouflages, corrects little imperfections, and makes under-eye circles disappear like magic.

Last but not least, like mami always said: Never go to bed with makeup on. Your pores and your pillowcases will thank you. Use a cleanser that doesn’t dry out your skin.

Photo: Corbis Images

Belleza Style Guide

After a laid-back summer of estilo natural, Latinas are revving up their looks for fall, and it’s all about the drama. So get ready to push your style boundaries, indulge in the fantasy and embrace your individuality. From feminina Goth to futuristic cyberpunk, Las Fabulosas has the guide to this season’s hottest trends for mujeres con la falda bien puesta.

Vibrant Color
Fashion’s love affair with bold color continues as we swap summer neons for rich autumn hues. There are tons of options for working this trend: bright skinny jeans, vivid opaque tights, or color-blocked shoes. If you’re feeling especially daring, try color-blocked eye shadow: Amp up a smoky eye with a flash of cobalt shimmer, or go all out with two or more contrasting shades. You can pull off this technique by not blending or swiping, but pressing the pigment onto your lids. And of course, fiery red or sizzling fuchsia lips instantly pull your look together and make a statement without saying a word.

Space-age Glamour
Structured silhouettes, unexpected textiles, graphic prints, and metallics galore come together to create a sophisticated, futuristic vibe. Take it to the extreme with geometric eyes. Use a precision gel liner to create an exaggerated cat-eye, double wings or even an elongated rectangle. Add a subtle sheen with a sweep of gold shadow and lush eyelash mascara. When it comes to space-age nails, the sky’s the limit. Try 3-D special effects with holographic nail polishes, or give your French manicure a modern twist by adding gold tips to dark polish.

Gorgeous Goth
The film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has spawned a new generation of Goth-punk chic with an unexpectedly ladylike feel. The look is all about strong lines and sumptuous embellishments paired with sheer, layered fabrics in rich burgundy or deep purple shades. Face-framing blunt bangs, matte skin, and deep Bordeaux–stained lips reflect the power and femininity of mujeres con la falda bien puesta. Create a flawless complexion with a moisturizing lightweight foundation with SPF protection. Keep your coif sleek and smooth with a frizz control spray.

Embrace Latin Color

Spring is bursting on the scene in styles that look like they were taken from the most fashionable Latina’s closet. We spoke to Davis Carrasquillo, the New York City-based creative director and fashion editor of 1fashionproductions  to get our top picks of the bold, the ultra-feminine and the sexy staples that came from the runway.

Citrus colors are the powerhouse trend, a favorite of ours because it makes bronzed skin look even more beautiful. The purest way to wear this trend is with a dress, like Selena Gomez does. For a budget-conscious option, try a blouse or simple tank in a saturated hue to put a pop of color in your look.

Bracelets are accessory must-haves for lots of Latinas, and as Eva Longoria shows, bangles are back in a big way. “Use lots of different tones and textures -- they don’t have to match,” advises Carrasquillo.

No need to go over-the-top with frosty eyeshadow and frizzy hair. But if you are in the mood to really embrace a spring trend, then get yourself into some ’70s-inspired clothes, like one-sleeved tops and dresses. Jennifer Lopez gives us a great update with this beautiful dress that also brings in an additional seasonal trend: animal prints.


Ruffles are back on the scene, not just because of the flirty, youthful flare, but because now they are being styled in a grown, sexy way. You can go all-out like America Ferrara with her cape sleeves, or select a key piece, such as a skirt, to experiment with this look. Soft ruffles are more forgiving and flattering.


Break out the heels and platform sandals if you are brave enough to try the shorts trend. The styles can range from super-short and casual, a lá Cameron Diaz, or longer and tailored for a work-appropriate look.


These were also reigning the runway, but in softer chiffon fabrics that are easier to wear. Chiffon dresses are one option, says Carrasquillo, but even using a scarf can update your look.