Dress for Your Body Type

Your co-worker always looks fabulosa in her cocktail dress, no matter what she weighs. It’s not that she has a perfect shape; she simply knows how to dress for her body type. Figure out your type here, and find a dress style that will make you feel glamorous and beautiful on your big night out.

Hourglass Shape: Considered to be the most ideal body type, the hourglass shape boasts breast and hip measurements that are almost identical.

Dress: Although the hourglass’ best feature is her waist, don’t overemphasize it with a skin-tight slinky number, advises Barbosa. Instead, choose a flowy look and complete it with a belt to show off your small waist.

Pear or Spoon Shape: The pear shape is one of the most common body types -- especially for Latinas -- and features a more bountiful booty. 

Dress: Choose a flattering empire cut that balances your bounty by featuring your upper half.

Apple Shape: Slightly bigger around the tummy, you’re lucky because you have skinny arms and legs, making it easy to camouflage your trouble spots.

Dress: It’s all about the structured look for you. A shift’s vertical lines will create a longer, leaner look.

Tube (Ruler) Shape: Often called “the boy shape,” the tube has minimal curves and is straight up and down.

Dress: Try a wrap or another style that is cinched or gathered at the waist to help create an hourglass figure.

Regardless of body type, you should ultimately shop for clothing that makes you feel beautiful. And remember to embrace your curves. After all, accepting (and loving!) your body is the first step in selecting clothes that will consistently fit and flatter.

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Belleza From Day to Night

Summer is finally here. And with the warm weather and longer daylight hours, you’ll undoubtedly be scheduling lots of after-work dinners and cocktails. Here, experts offer quick and easy tips to transform your office getup into a fiesta look.

Your Hair
“A high twisted bun gives you a professional yet modern look during the day, while creating instant waves for night,” says celebrity hairstylist Eric R. Williams. After hours, loosen the bun, shake out your cabello and add a little hair spray for texture and hold. Transform a side braid into an evening style by making it a little undone, adding a headband or turning it into a wavy side-ponytail. Barrettes, hair elastics and bobby pins are must-haves to keep in your desk or bag for a hairstyle change-up.

Your Makeup
A fresh, flawless face is a clean canvas to be made up later in the day. “In the morning, apply your basic foundation and mascara, plus a bold lip color in a sheer finish to make your look modern but office-appropriate,” says celebrity makeup artist Victor Henao. After work, freshen up your foundation and mascara. Then add a little drama to your maquillaje with black eyeliner. “Smudge the eyeliner with your fingertips for an easy smoky eye,” says Henao. Highlight your cheeks with a little bronzing powder and amp up your lip color with an opaque lipstick.

Your Outfit
Invest in pieces that take you from the office to a cocktail party. Remember that accessories are key. A simple strapless dress becomes office-appropriate with a fitted blazer and pumps. For a quick style change after work, shed the blazer and add a chunky necklace or a sheer scarf, which can also be worn with the blazer and strappy heels during the day. Or pair a dress in a fun print with a solid-color cardigan and a belt for a more conservative look. For evening, ditch the cardigan but keep the belt to accessorize. Add a pair of heels and statement earrings or bracelets. Carry a simple tote bag to work to hold your extra shoes, a makeup bag, accessories and a clutch for the evening.

Verano Glow: 5 Ways to Get Started

Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to pack away your sweaters and pull out your flirty sundresses to show a little -- or a lot of -- skin. But as wonderful as these first weeks of longer days and warmer weather are, baring more flesh can also be a beauty challenge. These five easy steps will rejuvenate your winter-worn skin and have you radiating that verano glow in no time.

1. Exfoliate
All-over exfoliation is key to priming your summer canvas. For delicate facial skin, try gentle products that contain microbeads and fruit enzymes to gently scrub away dull, dry skin. Or use a night cream with glycolic acid. For your body and feet, go for something a little heavy-duty, like a sea salt scrub.

2. Condition
Moisturizer is vital for smooth, baby-soft skin even in sultry weather. Look for one that hydrates, without clogging pores, and provides light sun protection. Or, try a tanning moisturizer that gives winter-pale legs a touch of subtle color.

3. Protect
We all know about the importance of sunscreen: More is more. Opt for products with an SPF whenever possible. And if reapplying sunscreen every two hours as recommended leaves your face feeling like an oil slick, skin care expert Renée Rouleau suggests using a mineral powder sunscreen for touch-ups.

4. Highlight
Bronzers and highlighters add dimension and infuse your skin with a golden glow. When looking for the perfect bronzer, think sun-kissed (not sun-baked) and only go a shade darker than your skin tone. For all-over shimmer, try lightly tinted bronzing oil.

5. Embrace Color
This season is all about pops of color and bold berry lips, so it’s a great time to have fun with your summer makeup palette. Vivid, citrusy eye shadows are fresh and youthful. Look for a double-sided lip color that can be layered for a perfect color fit.

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Primavera Skin: Get Your Body Ready

Exfoliate Gently
Many chicas scrub and scrub to remove that layer of dead skin that’s caused by cold temperatures and dry heat indoors. But dermatologists say scrubbing actually dries skin. “Rough exfoliation can cause irritation or harmful tearing of the skin layers,” says Dr. Patricia Wexler, a New York City–based dermatologist. Instead, buff away dull, flaky skin with a mesh bath sponge and a mild or glycolic body wash -- a sugar-based acid that also refines bumpiness. “Bar soaps tend to strip your skin of its natural oils,” says Dr. Marina Peredo, a New York City–based dermatologist. If you prefer bar soap, use one that is made with hydrating ingredients.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
Lots of hydration is key for beautiful skin. “Moisturize with a light oil or lotion as soon as you get out of the shower,” says Renee Cobos, a California-based dermatologist. “Let the skin absorb the oil or lotion for a few minutes. Then, pat your skin dry.” Afterward, apply another layer of moisture with an emollient-rich cream.

Pamper Your Pies
Your poor feet get battered with boots and neglected through the long winter months. They need un poco más atención. Soothe rough and super-dry skin on your feet with petroleum jelly, says Dr. Rebecca Baxt, a dermatologist in New Jersey. “It’s the thickest and best type of moisturizer.” Also, try petroleum jelly mixed with Epsom salts to soften feet, elbows and knees.

Get Fuzz-free
Skin isn’t completely smooth without the proper hair removal. If you’ve slacked off on shaving during the winter months, it’s time to get it back into your beauty routine. But don’t do it too frequently, as you’ll irritate your skin. Wait until the hair is long enough to get a close shave.

Reyes del Runway: Designers to Watch at Miami Fashion Week

Stylistas will descend upon Miami Beach International Fashion Week, which kicks off on March 20. Founded in 1999, the runway extravaganza showcases emerging and established talent from across Latin America and around the world. Here are some of the diseñadoras whose stars are rising.

Paola Peres
Paola Peres, who designs leather accessories, is “nerviosa.” She’s making her debut of her latest collection, Complementos. The pieces include leather clutches, purses, belts and accessories. “Every piece captures all my soul, my feelings,” says Peres, who learned to work with leather while studying in Italy and Argentina. She generates ideas “from colors, textures, scents and even songs. I love to travel and comb the towns looking for inspiration.”

Maria Hamilton
Last year’s winner of the International Emerging Jewelry Designer of the Year award, Maria Hamilton, will also be in attendance, armed with new jewelry. “Winning the award gave me an incentive to do more; it pushed me to design high-end pieces.” With her new collection, she says, “I focused on big pieces and made earrings with precious stones.” Hamilton, who worked in finance for seven years, recalls how she made the switch. “Wherever I went, people stopped to ask where I got my jewelry, which I had made,” she says, laughing. “It was my hobby.” After a year of jewelry-making classes at a local museum, things became clear: “I wanted to do this full-time. I love this.”

Liliana Montoya
Before becoming a beachwear designer, Colombiana Liliana Montoya was a modelo and a television presenter. Growing up in Medellin, Montoya loved sports and staying in shape. It’s no wonder that by 2006, the 5-foot-11-inch stunner had launched High Swimwear, a line of upscale bathing suits. “The brand is based on the evolution of the bikini,” Montoya says of her reinterpretation of the bikini, which once was worn “for athletic purposes.” Today, she also makes one-piece swimsuits, and she infuses every ensemble with a fresh femininity, a lot of bright colors and bold prints.