Guía for the Right Foundation

Fall is officially upon us, and as Latinas transition from beachwear and sandals to jackets and boots, we also need to start swapping our summer makeup essentials for more protective, hydrating cool-weather formulas.

Just as the name implies, foundation is key for creating a flawless complexion. And according to makeup artist Christina Ozaeta, most Latinas aren’t wearing the right shades to bring out their inner glow. Follow these tips to help Latinas correct tones and play up their natural radiance.

Even when you aren’t spending hours basking in the sun at the beach, you should wear sunscreen every day. Using a foundation with an SPF not only protects against skin cancer, it keeps la piel wrinkle- and spot-free for years to come. And in less need of foundation!

Most experts agree that the best way to find your ideal foundation shade is to test a strip on your cheek in daylight. Blend lightly and it should virtually disappear against your skin.

We’ve all been taught the importance of determining our skin tone for makeup: cool pink, warm olive, deep brown. But beauty guru Bobbi Brown suggests that foundations with yellow undertones is almost universally flattering and natural looking. If you can’t find the perfect hue, try mixing two shades together creating your own custom color.

Because our summer glows tend to fade through the winter months, most women need to go a shade or two lighter by January. So as we head into fall, begin blending your light and dark shades for a seamless transition.

Almost as important as finding the right foundation color for your complexion is finding the right formula. Since cool air tends to be drying, it’s essential that you moisturize to maintain a youthful glow all year round.

What would we do without concealer, the ultimate multi-tasker? It brightens, camouflages, corrects little imperfections, and makes under-eye circles disappear like magic.

Last but not least, like mami always said: Never go to bed with makeup on. Your pores and your pillowcases will thank you. Use a cleanser that doesn’t dry out your skin.

Photo: Corbis Images