Webcam-ready in Four Easy Pasos

To prep like an expert for your next webcam appearance, Cynde Watson, a celebrity makeup artist and co-host of “BeautyShopTV,” which launches this fall, says to stay away from anything that distracts viewers from your message. Here’s how:

Clothing: Keep it simple with vibrant colors, but avoid neon. “Magenta, banana-yellow and pumpkin always look good,” says Watson. “No stark white, black or prints, including checkers and stripes.” Wear clothing that fits and tastefully displays your neck and décolleté.

Hair: Think smooth and classic. Wearing it up or down doesn’t matter as long as it’s not distracting your viewer. Tame big hair with a stylish band. Don’t go drastic, like dying or perming, before your appearance. Take your signature style and groom it to where your face is the focal point.

Makeup: Cameras magnify everything, from freckles to dark circles under the eyes. Look smooth and shine-free by evening out your skin -- neck and décolleté included -- with a foundation that matches your shade. Been in the sun? Use warmer tones. For lipstick, go up one or down two shades from your natural color. No-no’s include glitter, frost and false lashes on ojos, or gloss on labios.

Lighting: Emmy award–winning producer Crystal Whaley says natural sunlight is best. Sit at angles to either side of a window. “Sitting directly in front of the window will create darkness around you,” she says.

Background: “It shouldn’t be busy,” says Watson. “Coordinate your backdrop to compliment the colors you’re wearing.” Sit in your home office, living room or near a bookshelf for business calls.