A New Year, New Refreshed You

This month, we put you on the path to feeling and looking más joven with top tips to refresh your skin, face, hair, hands, feet and nails.

Put Your Fresh Face Forward

An orange yogurt mask is the perfect remedy for tired skin. The yogurt nourishes dry skin while the Alpha Hydroxy Acids in the orange repair and rejuvenate it. This treatment is also cool and relaxing. Stir one tablespoon of plain yogurt and one-quarter cup of juice from a fresh orange in a bowl. Smooth onto face, and leave for five minutes. Rinse and see the improvement.

Restore Shine to El Cabello

Once a week after shampooing, rinse your hair with a cup of apple cider vinegar. The acids strip the build-up in your hair, leaving your mane soft and shiny.

Massage Your Scalp

The only part of our hair that is alive is the root, which is embedded in our scalp. Massaging your scalp stimulates the flow of oxygen and blood to the root of your hair, invigorating it to grow and thrive. For relaxing, give yourself a mini-scalp massage before you go to bed. You can also do it in the morning, at work or even when you’re stuck in traffic. It will make your tresses look better and keep you stress-free.  

Remember Your Ojos

Alleviate tired, puffy eyes with chilled cucumber slices to take off the edge. You can even try potato slices or chilled chamomile bags, which act as an anti-inflammatory.

Treat your Hands and Toes

For a foot-abuloso indulgence, soak your tootsies in a bowl of warm whole milk. The lactic acids soften skin. After 10 minutes, take a pumice stone to your feet to slough off dead skin. Rinse off the warm water, file and buff you nails, and push back your cuticles. Finally, paint your nails a gorgeous color.

Hot-for-the-Holidays Makeup: De Noche a Dia

It’s that festive (and frantic!) time of year, with a steady stream of invitations to

after-work cocktails and weekend holiday parties! But no need to stress; mamita and celeb makeup artist Tia Dantzler shares how to transition your makeup from day to night -- so you'll have plenty of besos under the mistletoe!

"The quickest way to transform your look from day to night is to apply bold, matte lip color,” says Dantzler. Deep Bordeaux lips are in this season. And you can't go wrong with cherry red. To get this glam look, apply your lip color with a small retractable brush to capture a precise finish. Plus, with a brush you can control the color by layering: The more you apply, the deeper shade you'll get.

An eye-catching manicure always makes fiestas Navideñas brighter, and Dantzler loves the new line of nail polishes that have glitter infused in them. She suggests painting just one nail glitter glam for pop effect.

Para los ojos, Dantzler loves the “wet look.” And there are many new lines of eye shadows that offer it. “Always start with a primer for a lasting effect,” says Dantzler. “Olive skin looks great in coral hues, so looks for shades in golden pinks and creamy peaches.”

"To bring extra sparkle to your face, try a highlighter on your cheeks, a little shimmer on the bridge of your nose, and a dash on the inner corner of your eye,” offers Dantzler. Also, infuse your skin with color by blending in a powder bronzer.

And for the final festive look, Dantzler says, “we should all wear fake eyelashes!" Some are adorned with highlight effects, such as silver pearl drops or Swarovski crystals. Dantzler also recommends individual lashes. “Just pop two or three on the ends of your eyelashes for an easy, sexy pick-me up!”

Photo: Corbis Images

Sassy Spring Style Trends

La Primavera has sprung -- and with it comes a gorgeous bouquet of trends straight off the runway. Here are our favorite trends this season, from sweet to bold, guaranteed to add a little joy to your days.

From dresses to rompers, flowers are in bloom this season. Here are our guidelines for wearing the fun trend without looking like a vieja.

  • In Your 20s:
    Oh, the luxury of youth! You can get away with bold patterns and sexy silhouettes, such as shorts, camis and sleeveless dresses. Pair racer backs or tank tops over shorts or a skirt for an easy, breezy vibe. Going to la oficina?  Layer with a light blazer or jacket.

  • In Your 30s:
    Women in their 30s just wanna have fun -- albeit more tasteful, classy fun! Now it’s easier than ever with the floral jeggings trend. Look for an eye-popping print and smart silhouette that that you can top off with a bright cardigan. A one-tone tacón alto will elevate this look from girly to glam instantly.
  • In Your 40s:
    Finalmente, you have the confidence to pull off any trend. Go graphic with black-and-white floral jackets over jeans or a bright dress. Accessories are key, so pair the look with sunglasses or bold statement jewelry. Pink lipstick adds the fabulosa touch!

Ballet and 90s-style pointy flats are en vogue this spring. Here’s how you should wear them:

  • In Your 20s:
    Bows and beads are sweet flourishes that work swimmingly on you, chica! Pair a flirty skirt with pastel-colored slippers for a perfectly spring look

  • In Your 30s:
    Stripes are clasico. But multi-colored stripes on a flat? Sleek. Dress up a pair of jeans or any timeless ensemble with a whimsical print, such as stripes, florals or polka dots.
  • In Your 40s:
    Nothing says Madrid and vino like a pair of red flats. The sassy rojo is more neutral than you think and works from garden party to the office.

These throwback shorts are all the rage this spring.

  • In Your 20s:
    You can get away with prints at this age. For a 90s throwback, top your floral-print bermudas with a fitted polo. Finish the look with bold and punchy flats.

  • In Your 30s:
    Look for a fun palm-tree print on these long shorts, which is both trendy and tropical. You can add edge to your outfit by rolling up the cuff. Go ahead -- show a bit more leg. We dare you!
  • In Your 40s:
    Bermudas are the most flattering of shorts. Frame a pair of dark-colored shorts with a blazer and black pumps. Remember, black in spring always looks chic. 

Five Ways to Welcome La Primavera

Milly Almodóvar, founder and editor of Beauty Logic Blog, is passionate about the latest beauty trends and tips from around the world. Here, she shares big and small ways to pamper yourself this spring.


Make Time for Yourself

“As a mom, wife and beauty editor, life is busy. But, on Sunday, no matter what, I take time for myself. Whether it's making my own hair mask with coconut oil and honey or watching a Lifetime movie, I make sure that I have those moments alone. They are important for the soul.”

Have Fun with Your Makeup

“A lot of women use the same makeup [in spring] that they use during the winter. Switch it up. You might want to invest in a darker foundation or newer creams. Or switch your dark lips to brighter ones. I'm all about neon oranges this season. They look amazing on warmer skin tones.”


“I have a girlfriend who is always so calm and collected. I asked for her secret, and she told me that she meditates every morning. At first I thought she was crazy. But I was so stressed out one day that I decided to try it. I went to a dark room, lit a candle and just did it. Now I'm hooked. I'm finding that life isn't so stressful.”

Find Time to Work Out

“A lot of women I know don't work out because they claim they don't have time or the money. To me, if you really want to work out, you will. I do most of my exercise at home. So when my son goes to sleep, I'll grab some weights and get a workout in. I've learned that working out will not only make you look good, but feel good.”

Make Time for Friends and Family

“I used to think I was too busy to see my family and friends. I was so focused on my career, but when I did find time to spend with them, I noticed that I was much happier afterwards. So now, I see them at least once a week. There are times where I have felt like nothing in the world was going right, or maybe I wasn't where I should be in my life. One visit to my family and friends, and I felt like I could do anything.”

Belleza From Day to Night

Summer is finally here. And with the warm weather and longer daylight hours, you’ll undoubtedly be scheduling lots of after-work dinners and cocktails. Here, experts offer quick and easy tips to transform your office getup into a fiesta look.

Your Hair
“A high twisted bun gives you a professional yet modern look during the day, while creating instant waves for night,” says celebrity hairstylist Eric R. Williams. After hours, loosen the bun, shake out your cabello and add a little hair spray for texture and hold. Transform a side braid into an evening style by making it a little undone, adding a headband or turning it into a wavy side-ponytail. Barrettes, hair elastics and bobby pins are must-haves to keep in your desk or bag for a hairstyle change-up.

Your Makeup
A fresh, flawless face is a clean canvas to be made up later in the day. “In the morning, apply your basic foundation and mascara, plus a bold lip color in a sheer finish to make your look modern but office-appropriate,” says celebrity makeup artist Victor Henao. After work, freshen up your foundation and mascara. Then add a little drama to your maquillaje with black eyeliner. “Smudge the eyeliner with your fingertips for an easy smoky eye,” says Henao. Highlight your cheeks with a little bronzing powder and amp up your lip color with an opaque lipstick.

Your Outfit
Invest in pieces that take you from the office to a cocktail party. Remember that accessories are key. A simple strapless dress becomes office-appropriate with a fitted blazer and pumps. For a quick style change after work, shed the blazer and add a chunky necklace or a sheer scarf, which can also be worn with the blazer and strappy heels during the day. Or pair a dress in a fun print with a solid-color cardigan and a belt for a more conservative look. For evening, ditch the cardigan but keep the belt to accessorize. Add a pair of heels and statement earrings or bracelets. Carry a simple tote bag to work to hold your extra shoes, a makeup bag, accessories and a clutch for the evening.