Celebrate Mamis!

Even though a huge number of ladies in our lives are mothers, somehow we forget to nurture and pamper them on the big day. Here are four ways to honor them and inspire yourself.

1. Host a networking brunch. Does your sister hope the four-star meals she cooks end up in a restaurant some day? Host a brunch for well-connected foodie moms to help her chase her dream. It will also inspire you and create the chance to connect with ladies you wouldn’t have known otherwise.

2. Book a special girls’ night out. You know your comadre would spend more time with you if she had someone to watch the kids. She’s been there for you through the worst, so show your gratitude by paying for a babysitter and taking her to a musical or a spa day. There are plenty of things her esposo won’t do!

3. Enroll her in a one-day class. Whether it’s a Spanish refresher course or intense all-day yoga, let her be the nurtured one, if only for a day.

4. Write a poem. Don’t have the funds or the time to plan something elaborate? Do something simple and from the heart. Whether you’re a natural-born singer or writer, create a homemade ode to the lucky lady. It will give you a chance to express yourself and show her you care. Have her kids help out for a personal touch.

Photo: @iStockphoto.com/digitalskillet

by Michelle Herrera Mulligan