Fun Winter Exercise for Kids

For many moms, the holiday hustle and bustle means less time at the gym and possibly extra inches on your waistline. And exercise for kids also plummets come winter due to additional winter breaks from school, chilly temperatures and indulgent holiday treats also make it harder to stay healthy and fit. Try these three simple winter activities to help the whole family get moving and beat winter weight woes.

Invierno Fit-Family Tip No. 1:  Indoor fun and games

A good old fashioned game of hide and seek -- especially if you can keep everyone heading up and down the stairs -- is a great way to sneak in a little cardio. A vigorous heart-pumping dance off is another active way to work up an indoor-sweat. Clear the furniture, put on some high-energy tunes and get moving. Work-in intervals of different moves, like jumps, squats or toe touches, based on breaks and choruses in the songs playing.  

Invierno Fit-Family Tip No. 2:  Stretch and Sweat

Have your kids join you for some downward dog -- yoga is a fantastic way to be active and find calm -- you just need a mat and an instructional video or audio. There are tons of online yoga videos to stream and most cable providers’ On-Demand sections offer free workouts. Melt away your stress, stay trim and recharge together.

Invierno Fit-Family Tip No. 3:  Housework-out

Moms know you can easily break a sweat sweeping, mopping, and dusting. Set a list of three tasks the kids need to accomplish within a set amount of time -- the ticking clock will ensure they get their motors running. And while you and the fam may want to stay warm inside, shoveling snow from walkways to build a snowman is another great way for kids to help out and stay fit while having some winter fun.

Leaning In: Latinas Take Control of their ProfesiĆ³n

Despite the controversy surrounding the book Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, many women, including professional Latinas, are joining what is now a movement to help women achieve their career and life goals.

The concept of “leaning in” means different things to different people. Adriana J. Moreno, the Art Director at US Squash and Squash Magazine, believes that this new way of thinking has completely changed her life. Moreno says, “To me ‘Leaning In’ means letting go of fears. Many times I was afraid of stepping up with confidence and saying I was able to do a certain task or role, and watched other people with less experience get ahead of me.” Moreno also learned that making mistakes is part of the process of becoming better.

Moreno says that she has also faced many roadblocks in moving up the professional ladder due to her accent and gender. She learned how to articulate her skills and abilities using the lessons of Sandberg’s book. Now she believes that learning to “Lean In” is not just for the professional world. She explains, “It is important to understand that this is our time to shine. Behind are the times when machismo dominated the Hispanic home. Learning to ‘Lean In’ will guarantee you not only financial stability, but also a happier life.”

For Marie Ferraro, “Leaning In” has a different meaning. It means saying “no” and enforcing boundaries with other people. Marie has a typical problem that many children of immigrant parents feel: The constant pressure to offer support and to be available. “I don't have the time to play to the archaic gender roles and be the woman behind the stove or follow these long-standing traditions upheld by Latino culture,” she explains. “My time is valuable and it is a resource that I need to protect if I want to get ahead.”

Marie has learned that “Leaning In” is all about putting her own needs first instead of the needs of her family. She says, “There's a satisfaction and self esteem boost that comes with working on improving yourself.  You are your greatest asset and you can bring more to the table by changing your focus.”

Easy and Saludable Labor Day Side Dishes

Before the outdoor parties, barbeques and eating under the stars comes to a close, send off el verano with one last bash that your friends and guests will remember through the cooler seasons. Once the main courses are complete, throw some sure-to-please side dishes into the mix that are both palate-pleasers and heart-healthy options. Here are three side dish recipes to try:

Ceviche Cocktail

The great thing about this Latin American plato is the numerous options of sabores and ingredients you can play around with. It’s a light option that goes with just about anything.


One pound of sea bass and/or shrimp (adjust depending on party size)

Lime juice (about ¼ cup)

Lemon juice (about ¼ cup)

Orange juice (about ¼ cup)

Chopped red onion


1/3 cup of cilantro



Chopped tomato

Chopped cucumber

½ teaspoon cayenne pepper


Chop the fish and marinate with citrus juice for one hour (fish should be covered). Blend remaining ingredients (minus the avocado) and let marinade in dish or bowl for one hour. Drain and add avocado just before serving. For a fun party idea, serve in individual martini or double shot glasses.

Ajo Corn on the Cob

As you fire up the grill on last time during Labor Day weekend, remember that corn on the cob is a healthy and sweet side dish you can cook all year long. But nothing beats the extra flavor and tenderness from a smoky grill.


Yellow corn (for a sweeter taste)

Butter or butter substitute



Shuck the corn, rinse it and soak it in a pot of water for about 30 minutes. While the corn is soaking, sauté the garlic clove for 30 seconds over medium heat -- don’t let it brown. Take corn out of water, and wrap it in tin foil with a light covering of butter and the sautéed garlic, chopped. Place the wrapped corn on the grill for 10 to 15 minutes, turning once during the grilling process. Unwrap and serve. Like some heat? Sprinkle red pepper flakes on the corn with the garlic.

Grilled Fresh Fruit Salad

Forget the fresh fruit salad mamá makes, and try this easy and unique spin, since your grill is already in use.


Variety of firmer fruit, such as pineapple, apple, pear, banana and cantaloupe.

Cooking oil



Cut fruit down the middle, and spray lightly with cooking oil. Grill to desired doneness, about 3 minutes to avoid a mushy mess. Add honey or brown sugar for added sweetness to your grilled fresh fruit salad.

Familia Summer Barbeques

With a month left of summer vacation, kids -- and padres -- want to spend as much time eating al fresco. Las Fabulosas serves up ideas for grilling up yummy meals and chevre backyard activities for any age.

All-Americano: Micro-burger Sliders

Start by heating up mini challa bread buns, or any other sweetened bread, on the grill until crisp and brown around the edges. Then divide your ground beef into three-ounce patties and cook until medium rare. Next grill finely diced onions and peppers and serve as garnish. Finally, smear a teaspoon of goat cheese on the top bun for your mini-cheeseburger.

Fun Actividad: Speaking of bite-sizes, ever thought of setting up a mini-golf course or a mini-bowling lane in your back yard? Though game sets can be as complex as you want, there are also very simple ways to set them up. Creating a bowling lane is as simple as setting ten water-filled plastic bottles at the end of a grass lane that’s outlined with streamers.

Latin Savor: Grilled Shrimp with Ajo

Add and wisk fresh thyme, fresh garlic, ground red pepper, salt and black pepper into a half-cup of olive oil in a bowl. Next, slide your shrimp onto bamboo skewers and marinate them with a brush. Leave shrimp on the grill for about two minutes on each side. While the shrimp is cooking, fill up a separate pot with a half-cup of olive oil. Add thinly diced garlic, and heat up to 275 degrees F, never reaching a boil. When the garlic chips look crispy, pour a few spoonfuls of the garlic oil over the shrimp and serve. For an extra garnish, top your dish with chopped cilantro.

Fun Actividad: Nothing announces the arrival of summer eating like the clanks of horseshoes in the backyard. But since the metal variety can wreak havoc on your backyard, use a plastic set that comes with pins and horseshoes. Your home will be a popular destination all summer long.

Personal Consultant

Few are the jobs in today’s economy that are safe from uncertainty or outsourcing. That’s why it’s especially important to diversify your income. Las Fabulosas dug up three ways you can increase your earning potential by next otoño.

Clases de Lenguaje

Speak español already? Take a language class this summer at a nearby institute or even online to brush up on grammar, accents and sentence structures. Once you’ve built confidence and fluency during a summer intensive course, you can increase your earning potential by tutoring children or teaching adults.

Web Design

According to Noble Desktop, a web design school based in New York City, students can earn a certificate anywhere between one and six months depending on how many classes you can fit into your schedule. The goal is to earn a comprehensive set of skills so that you can build websites and trouble shoot. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay per hour is about $31.78.

Public Speaking
If you love digesting and sharing information before an audience, why not earn extra cash to speak to crowds? Classes in public speaking will teach you to organize your topic, modulate your voice and boost your confidence among other lessons. Before enrolling yourself in a verano class, pick a topic that stokes your passion, or about which you know a great deal. While speaking fees for beginners vary, you can also earn money as personal coach. Once you’ve had lot of practice before audiences, beginner speakers can expect to earn a few hundred dollars per gig.