The 5 Accessories You Need This Spring

Switching up your wardrobe this spring will be a head-to-toe transition. But you don’t have to spend a ton of money on new clothes. Update your look using accessories with bright colors, fun embellishments and interesting textures to take your look from bundled-up-boring to fun and flirty just in time for spring.


Now that you’re no longer covered up in bulky sweaters, long sleeves and turtlenecks, make the switch to unique, larger bib and choker necklaces, and colorful geometric bangle bracelets like those seen on the Chanel runways. For still-cool days, necklaces and bracelets can be layered over jackets and cuffs. While the desire to pile on the accessories may be tempting, try to stick to one statement piece per look.


Whether you prefer heels or flats, spring shoes are prettying up los pies. Have fun with fringe, feathers and floral footwear designs that work well with a neutral dress, like those seen at Narciso Rodriguez and Candela. For the early days of spring, cutout sandals are a great option for keeping feet semi-covered.


Clutches are a big trend this season, in styles from the envelope clutch to the snap clutch. Look for bright colors or color blocking, as well as prints such as plaid and floral, like those seen at Christian Louboutin. For women in need of a carryall (calling all madres!), soft and squishy oversized bags are a great option for holding everything without feeling weighed down.

Gafas de Sol

The great sunglasses rule: always keep a classic black pair and mix it up with colorful, oversized shades like those seen on the runways of Rachel Zoe and Jeremy Scott. Mirror-like lenses are also definitely trending (and perfect for hiding those late-night circles in a flash).


Ditch the heavy wool neck scarves and pick up light headscarves in silk or chiffon. Brightly colored print scarves are a trendy way to update an ordinary hairstyle, as they’re being wrapped in a bun, braided, or worn functionally in a turban -- perfect for shielding hair from el sol.

Siete Primavera Must-Have Beauty Products

Felicitaciones! You made it through the harsh winter that wreaked havoc on your hair and skin. It’s time to toss those heavy beauty products and welcome beauty bounty that will leave you looking -- and feeling -- radiant.

Color control cream

“A light base is essential for spring,” says María José Ovalle, blogger at Very Busy Mama. “Liquid makeup can get heavy, so look for a CC cream that feels like you’re not wearing much.”

Try: Olay CC Cream – Total Effects Daily Moisturizer + Touch of Foundation

Crème makeup: blush and eye shadow

Crème makeup for eyes and cheeks is a must for busy moms, says Ovalle. These on-the-go products are available in a stick or tube, and leave skin glowing -- a big makeup trend this spring.

Try: CoverGirl Bombshell Shineshadow in popular spring color Ooh La Lilac

Dry shampoo

“As the weather warms, this product will help freshen hair, reduce oil and give texture to finer locks,” says Ovalle. Plus, it will save time normally spent styling just-washed hair.

Try: Pantene Original Fresh Dry Shampoo

Argan oil

To keep warm-weather frizz at bay, look for products containing Moroccan argan oil, which will leave hair soft and shiny. “The oil also helps retain moisture,” says Ovalle.

Try: Pantene Pro-V Smooth Argan Serum -- which boasts 24-hour humidity control

Teeth whitener

More socialization and less hibernation make spring the perfect season to brighten la dentadura. New at-home formulas are customizable for your teeth.

Try: Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips -- which compares to laser treatment at a fraction of the cost!


Since spring and summer bring a more active lifestyle, look for hassle-free feminine products, which will allow you to get out there and enjoy the sunshine.

Try: Tampax Radiant -- they come with a re-sealable wrapper that makes toilet paper waste a thing of the past.

Five Ways to Spruce Up Your Home This Season

Knee-deep in spring-cleaning? This may be the right time to not only tidy up, but makeover your home too with some spring style. Color changes and unique accessories can make a facelift easy and inexpensive.

Reuse, recycle and rearrange

The most simple and low-cost way to update a room in your home is to rearrange the furniture. Move sofas closer to the windows or place sitting chairs at an angle to give a room new life. Switch up pillows and throws throughout the house by changing what room you use them in and update photo frames with new family pictures from the year. The best part: It’s all free!

Accessorize with pops of color

Swap neutrals and dark tones for lively robin-egg blue, bright yellow or bold red. “One pop of these colors in artwork or a lamp always brightens a room,” says Vanessa De Vargas, owner of the interior design firm Turquoise. Make an old piece new again, such as a side table, with spray-paint. “These personal items become conversation pieces that tell a special story.”

Bring in patterns

Instantly update multiple rooms by swapping heavy, dark linens for light fabrics. “Brighten a sofa with colorful patterned throw pillows; place a patterned blanket over the arm of your sofa or end of the bed; and use colorful striped towels in the bathroom for a clean resort look,” says De Vargas. Lastly, trade dark drapes for bright shades, which will add luz and warmth to a room.

Paint an accent wall

Painting an accent wall in a main room of your home is the perfect statement-making, yet inexpensive update. “If you want to think a little outside the box, stencil a design against the back wall of your dining room.”

Easter Baskets Para Todos

Forget about those candy-filled Easter baskets that deliver sugar comas and hyper kids running around in their Sunday’s best. Instead, try these suggestions for fun and personalized canastas for all ages. 


Spring is here, so fill her basket with warmer-weather essentials: Sunglasses, bright nail polish and sheer-and-shimmery lip glosses are perfect for the little girl who loves to primp. CoverGirl Lipslicks Smoochies will deliver a sweet shine -- she won’t even miss the Peeps! For a healthier treat add low-sugar homemade cookies bundled together with a cute festive ribbon. 


After a long winter, the kids are surely ready to play outdoors again. Fill his basket with sidewalk chalk, a Frisbee and bubbles. Still feel the need to satisfy his sweet tooth? A few homemade dark chocolate covered marshmallow clusters are easy to make and not chockfull of saturated-fats like most store-bought candy. Be sure to include options for rainy days as well, like baseball cards or one of his favorite DVDs. 


It’s all about kicking back for the adult Easter canasta. Fill it with everything your loved one may need to relax: bubble bath, a ticket for an at-home massage or a good book that you know is on their reading list. A nice grown-up sweet treat could include a bottle of wine or selection of flavored teas.

The real treat though, is spending this Easter holiday together, so enjoy!

Money Makeover: Renew Your Budget this Spring

Tidy up more than your home this season by giving your budget a money makeover! Carmen Wong Ulrich, host of Marketplace Money, APM, and author of "The Real Cost of Living" offers a few helpful budgeting tips for reevaluating your spending plan.

Write down everything you spend for a month.

“What works for dieting, works for budgeting,” Wong Ulrich says. Dieting studies have found that keeping a daily log of meals and snacks reduces the amount of food consumed, and the same goes for spending. Keep track of everything you spend money on, and after a month this log will provide a clear picture of where every dollar is going. “Look where you can cut back and where you have wiggle room,” she advises.

Evaluate needs and wants.

“Basic needs tend to be the same across the board,” says Wong Ulrich. “But the ‘want’ creeps in when we make decisions about not only frivolous spending, but big ticket items in our budget.” Yes, we need a car, but is an expensive car still a ‘need’? It is imperative to evaluate each spending choice as a matter of needs versus wants and even further, at what price-point the purchases should be made. “I’m not a fan of living so frugally that you can’t enjoy life, but I’m a big fan of being honest with yourself as to the quality of the ‘needs’ choices you make.”

Splurging today means sacrificing tomorrow.

“Splurges are going to happen, but be willing to pay the price down the line in terms of giving up something else.” She gives an example, “If you splurge with a night out with the girls, you’ll need to commit to cutting back on other spending during the week.” It is a slippery slope, but it is important to maintain your spending balance.