Nine Ways to Move up the Ladder at Work

Asking for a promotion can be difficult in a recovering economy. But if you’re skilled at what you do, consider persuading the powers-that-be that you’re ready for your next challenge with these nine work secrets.

1. Speak directly with your boss about your career ambitions. “Working late and putting in the extra efforts in hopes of being rewarded rarely yields desired results,” says Natalie Gahrmann, a professional coach and author. “It’s a passive approach.”

2. Ask for specific things you need to do to earn an opportunity.

3. Find a mentor or peer to help you become visible. “An advocate in a higher rank can pull you in the direction you want,” says Gahrmann.

4. Be a leader. Help your co-workers with work that’s relevant to the position you want. “It’s an opportunity to practice the skills, abilities and potential you want to develop,” says Gahrmann

5. Toot your own horn. “Creating a strong personal brand helps others notice your accomplishments and contributions.”

6. Ask for feedback and accept constructive criticism.

7. Be a team player. “It’s a great way to earn people’s trust.” Never sabotage or disparage others.

8. Dress and act as if you already have the position you want, even if you have to splurge on a few executive-quality tacones. It’s worth it!

9. “Don’t be irreplaceable,” says Gahrmann. Instead, have a succession plan in place. Keep a list of associates who can replace you, and make a training plan for a quick and smooth transition.

by Shirley Velásquez