Summer Stimulus

The month of June kicks off el verano -- typically the time for beach, vacay and family get-togethers. But it’s also the right time to check up on those career and personal goals we made back in January. If you’ve been meeting your objectives, then felicidades for staying on course. But if you’re like those of us who shunted our goals aside due to demands at home and at the office, not to worry. Here’s how to get back on track:

1. Make a list with three columns: “Accomplished,” “Outstanding,” and “New.” Ask yourself what advancements you’ve made, what goals you’re still struggling with or which ones need to be modified. Then, place your aims under the appropriate heading. This way, you’ll get everything down on paper so you can track your progress!

2. Use some of your precious vacation days to invest in your future. Take advantage of one of the many professional retreats, intensive adult education classes or a comprehensive one-week seminar. The best way to discover your true work goals is to clear out some alone time. Take a week-long break from your everyday work and la familia.

3. Inspire yourself. It’s tough to stay on track when no one is there to motivate you. Ask a friend or relative to push you along, and create alerts in your digital planners to meet daily goals. These reminders will keep your progress steady. Nothing feels better than getting even a small step closer to your dream.

by Shirley Velásquez