Skin Care Success Series: Skin Care in Your 40s

From your 20s to your 50s, your skin care regimen can – and should – change over the years. Here, expert dermatologist Dr. Maritza Perez provides a successful skin care routine for every age in part three of our skin care success series.

Women in Their 40s

What are the typical problems that a woman in her 40s will encounter with her skin?
Aging is a process of progression. In your 40s, the signs of damage become more visible. Your skin becomes less firm and plump and looks more discolored, opaque and dry.

What types of products would you recommend to remedy these issues?
It is important to use products that protect the barrier of the skin and help in the production of collagen.

What should the skin care regimen for a woman in her 40s consist of?
You should be continuing the same regimen from your 20s and 30s, but using more aggressive anti-aging products. If you don’t intervene in the earlier stages of prevention, aging will occur more rapidly.

What types of anti-aging products should she be using?
The target areas remain the same. Also, at all stages, a night treatment is important. Remember that your regimen has to be morning and evening. In the morning, clean the skin and apply moisturizer with preventive and protective treatments. In the evening, it is important to repair any damage that has occurred during the day by eliminating free radicals with anti-oxidants.


by Fabulosamente Latina