Skin Care Success Series: Skin Care in Your 30s

From your 20s to your 50s, your skin care regimen can – and should – change over the years. Here, expert dermatologist Dr. Maritza Perez provides a successful skin care routine for every age in part two of our skin care success series.

Women in Their 30s

What are the typical problems that a woman in her 30s will encounter with her skin?
You might notice a decrease in acne; however, you may experience more dryness and discoloration. This is because the skin barrier starts malfunctioning; sun exposure induces uneven skin pigmentation and collagen (a protein that provides firmness and strength for the body and skin) is broken down. At this age you are subtly beginning to show signs of aging.

What types of products would you recommend to remedy these issues?
You should definitely use SPF to prevent collagen degradation and products that help produce collagen.

What should the skin care regimen for a woman in her 30s consist of?
You should still use an exfoliant with Retinoids, either medically prescribed or non-medically prescribed. Additionally, Niacinamide (vitamin B3) is a great exfoliant and antioxidant. You can also use products that contain amino-peptides that can be associated with some collagen production. 

What types of anti-aging products should she be using?
Protect against dryness and discoloration -- anti-aging issues women experience in her 30s -- by targeting the eyes, dorsum of the hands and décolletage. Don’t forget that the skin on your body ages as well, so it is ideal to moisturize and use a hydrating body wash. During your mid-to-late 30s, you should begin transitioning to a more aggressive anti-aging treatment, while continuing to cleanse, moisturize and treat skin.


by Fabulosamente Latina