Skin Care Success Series: Skin Care in Your 20s

From your 20s to your 50s, your skin care regimen can – and should – change over the years. Here, expert dermatologist Dr. Maritza Perez provides a successful skin care routine for every age in our skin care success series.

Women in Their 20s

What are the typical problems that a woman will encounter with her skin?
The most common skincare problem that a woman in her twenties encounters is acne. At this age many women have combination or oily skin.

What types of products would you recommend to remedy these issues?
Contrary to popular belief, the idea that acne will go away if you remove oils and dry your skin is erroneous. Prevention and treatment for acne is not through alcohol-based products. I recommend using a mild cleanser with salicylic acid that cleanses the lipids from the hair follicle or anti-bacterial Benzoil peroxide.

What should the skin care regimen for a woman in her 20s consist of?
A regimen at this age is essential for preventative treatment. You should follow a day and night regimen in which you cleanse the skin, moisturize and provide SPF protection and treat areas such as the eyes, dorsum of the hands and décolletage which many of us forget.  

When is the right time to start incorporating anti-aging into a skincare regimen? Your 20s are the perfect time to begin using anti-aging products for prevention. Prevention is better than trying to undo aging/damage later on in life. From my perspective there is no reason to avoid anti-aging products unless you experience allergies.

Can you please describe what someone’s skin would be like under normal conditions in their 20s?
Aging is a chronological process. When we are in our 20s, our skin is plump, lustrous, healthy and resilient. Your skin is very elastic so if you pinch yourself it bounces right back. As you age, you stop producing collagen, elastin and proteoglycans and glucosaminoglycans. Your habits also influence the aging process. You will age more rapidly if you engage in habits such as smoking, drinking excessively, doing drugs and sun exposure which increases the production of free radicals which exponentially accelerates the aging process.

by The Editors of Fabulosamente Latina