Increase Your Online Visibilidad With Nancy Marmolejo

Look inside many Latina entrepreneurs’ contact lists and you’re likely to discover the name of their best-kept secret to success: Nancy Marmolejo. As the founder of Viva Visibility and author of 21 Online Visibility Tips Every Entrepreneur Must Know, Nancy helps business owners across the country raise their online (and offline) visibility level. Then they can market themselves as recognized, credible experts in their fields.

With an online business, there’s a level of freedom that traditional employment doesn’t offer. “You can work from home, set your own schedule, be there for your kids,” she says, and “eliminate the stress of everything a job and a commute bring into the picture.” There’s an added benefit for Latinas: the ability to reach prospective customers all over the globe. Here’s how:

1. Integrated marketing is key. Online marketing must be backed up by offline methods. That might mean picking up the phone, going to live events or using traditional print marketing. “I’m also very excited about mobile marketing, which is a hot emerging area,” says Marmolejo.

2. State your services clearly. “Craft your website so it answers questions and gives people information, and doesn’t just stand there like a brochure,” says Marmolejo. You’ll develop a loyal following if you’re a source of solutions.

3. Build your database. “Many opportunities are lost when businesses don’t capture email addresses on their websites,” says Marmolejo. “Offer your Web visitors free tips or a special downloadable gift in exchange for their email. Then you can follow up and build strong, lasting relationships with your clients.”

by Shirley Velásquez