Be la Brava

No matter how hard you toil away at work, supervisors rarely suddenly commend your accomplishments and hand over promotions. Rising through the ranks requires action -- candid conversations about career development and clear-cut steps in a chosen direction. Here, Ann Fry, certified coach with New York Women in Communications, helps you lay the groundwork for your next move.

Toot Your Horn
Chances abound in the workplace for you to highlight your skills, passions and results. Abre la boca! “To compete in this job market, use any opportunity possible to brag, in a positive way, about what you can do,” says Fry.

Visualize Your Path
Write a job description that emphasizes new work you’d like, responsibilities you’d like to tackle and projects that tap new expertise you’re building. When you see where you’re going, you can articulate la vision to superiors and seek guidance.

Don’t Be a Diva
No one likes arrogance or entitlement. Says Fry: “Never say you’re wasting your talents or think it’s time to move up just because you’ve been there mucho tiempo. Skip these arrogant-sounding hot buttons: “underutilized,” “understimulated,” “underengaged.”

Social Media Reinforcement
Engage with professional peers on social networks. Spotlight completed assignments, share projects and connect with industry greats. Answer what resumes can’t: What inspires you? One caveat, warns Fry: Handle social media gracefully. “You can’t take back what you say.”

Assess Risks
boldly stating what you want entails risk. But it’s often worth taking, argues Fry. “It’s reasonable to explore job development. We all want to advance.”

by Julie D. Andrews