Motivating Latinas to Start a New Beginning

It’s easy to envy Karen Hoyos. The celebrity life coach and author is a red carpet regular, attending such fantastico events as the Grammys and Oscars. She's stunningly gorgeous and travels the globe on humanitarian missions for the U.N. Plus, as a self-help guru, she has reached over 40 million people through her seminars, TV appearances, articles and products.

But life wasn't always shiny for the Colombiana mom of twin boys. Growing up, her family life was unstable with a physically abusive father. Later, she married a violent man who consistently beat and belittled her. He even threatened to kill her. Karen finally got the courage to leave Colombia and start a new beginning when she found out she was pregnant. Arriving in the U.S. with only her growing belly, Karen leaned on her faith in God that things would get better. And they quickly did. 

One fateful day, she attended a seminar by renowned motivational guru Anthony Robbins. Says Karen, “I heard a voice in my heart that said, ‘Karen, this is what you are going to do for the rest of your life. You will carry a message of transformation, starting with your Latino community and then you will spread it across the world.’”

Karen hit the ground running. Today she shares her inspiring story via global seminars, writings and TV appearances, and through Kids for a New Planet, her foundation for abused children in Latin America and Africa.

Her message is one of forgiveness and service: "Forgive others, because they can only give you what they have. Forgive yourself, because it was all part of a perfect plan for your personal evolution. Help others and accept that you are in this world to be happy.”