Impress la jefa

Making the right impression on our boss is important because so many career decisions, such as promotions, salaries, bonuses and even work reputations, are made or broken as a result of quick impressions. Career Coach Wilka Toppins of The Corporate Latina shares helpful tips.

1. Dress appropriately. Follow your higher-ups’ dress codes. “You don’t have to change your personal style,” says Toppins, but certain office trends can be implemented into your wardrobe. Ask yourself if they wear suits or jeans. Do they ever wear sandals, loud prints, or loud jewelry? Never wear anything low-cut or provocative.

2. Act your wage. Many employees act below their position,” says Toppins, sending the message that they are not ready for their responsibilities or their salary level. If you are unsure whether you are acting or behaving at your level, Toppins suggests asking a trusted friend, a mentor or even your boss for feedback. “If anything, they will be impressed that you asked.”

3. Be dependable. “Be punctual with everything.” This includes getting to work on time, lunch breaks, errands and deadlines.

4. Have a positive and problem solving attitude. “People who freak out and demonstrate their stress do not do well with bosses,” says Toppins. “Remember that your boss has a boss, and is under tremendous stress.” Instead, demonstrate that you can handle difficult situations by offering solutions, even if they’re small. “Just the fact that you offered a solution will be enough to impress your boss.”

by Shirley Velásquez