How to Network


By now, most of us should know how to make lasting contacts that lead to work. But are we maximizing our opportunities? Here, how to perfect your own networking game and land your dream job tomorrow.

Why Network?
Most great opportunities come from a cocktail hour or conference -- not the classifieds. In every field, there exists a plethora of networking organizations where you can meet members and make important contacts. Networking helps in ways you might not even imagine.

Being Event-efficient
Conundrum: You got invited to an after-work mixer, but you’d rather go home and watch “Glee.” What to do?

“Make yourself go to as many events as you can,” says Nora Comstock, who holds a doctorate in educational administration and is the founder of Las Comadres Para las Americas, an international Latina network. “And be strategic. Decide which events will allow you to meet as many people as you can. Rather than work the entire room, get to know four or five people.”

Social Media
Twitter, Facebook, newsletters and email blasts are invaluable ways to get to know people. If this arena is new to you, consider taking a social media workshop or sign up for free newsletters -- like the one from Laura Roeder, a social media expert.

Organizations in Your Area
1. Las Comadres Para Las Americas is an informal Internet-based group that meets monthly in many U.S. cities to build connections and communities with other Latinas.

2. Another great resource for women-owned businesses can be found here.

3. The Miami Bombshells offer camps for women to come together, bond and share the realities of being a Latina in the 21st century.

4. The Chicago Latino Network is an Internet-based networking organization with over 50,000 members -- an amazing resource for our Midwestern hermanas.


by Robyn Moreno