Living the High Life on a Low Budget

These days, everyone is feeling the tighter economy in one way or another and curbing their spending habits. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the finer things of life.

“You can still treat yourself without going into debt,” says Migdalia Rivera, founder of the blog, which offers tips for living chic on the cheap. “It’s all about making the most of free or inexpensive resources around you.” Here, Rivera shares some insights on living it up without spending a lot.

  1. Be Friends with Your Money
    Before you spend it, build a good relationship with your money. “The first step to being financially secure is being financially smart,” says Rivera. “Educate yourself on how to save and get rid of debt.” Major banks occasionally hold free seminars on money management at local branches or online via webinars and webcasts. Inquire about them at your branch or check your bank’s website.
  1. Have a Beauty-full Day
    Beauty schools, spas and salons often have days when they offer lower rates on services. “You can come across specials and deals like a mani/pedi and mini foot massage, all for about $30,” says Rivera. Check websites for promotions or stop by in person to enquire.
  1. Soak in Some Culture
    “City museums have wonderful activities for all ages,” says Rivera. “Best of all, museum admissions are suggested -- meaning you can pay what you can afford.” Movie screenings are also great because you get to see the latest movie before it’s out and it’s free! Search online for local film previews.

Photo: Corbis Images

by Ivette Manners