Familia Fitness

Wherever you’re working out, bring the rest of your family and stay healthy together this summer.


Familia Dance Night: Set aside one night a week to meet in the living room for a dance party at home. Make a play list that includes everyone’s favorite songs and groove the night away! You can even choreograph routines or have dance-offs with each other.

Go to the Mall: Head to the mall as a group and count how many paces you put in with a pedometer. When shopping, stay together or divide the list and split up into smaller groups if it is easier to get around.

YMCA: Cold or rainy weather may make it difficult to get outside and exercise. Joining a team or a league at the local YMCA is a great way not only to get the family to spend time with each other, but also to make friends in the community. Water sports are a great option for a group, as are team sports like volleyball or soccer.


Walking and Hiking: Take a daily walk after dinner or scope out your area for nearby trails. Hiking is a great activity for all members of the family because you can set a pace that is comfortable for everyone.

Biking: A family-friendly activity, biking can help improve endurance and balance. It is also an easy way to explore a new neighborhood or even other areas in your own neighborhood. You can control the group’s pace and the distance you travel.

Swimming: When the weather is warm there is no better way to cool off than going for a swim. A low-impact activity, swimming leads to greater strength and flexibility.