The Artist Whisperer: E. Carmen Ramos

E. Carmen Ramos, the Smithsonian’s first curator of Latino art since 2010, has a must-see exhibition on display: Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art, at the American Art Museum through March 2014. The exhibition celebrates the creative vision of Latino artists and explores how their works reflect nuestra identidad as it has developed in the U.S. over the last half-century.

Here, three ways to encourage your own kids’ creativity taking a cue from Latina trailblazer, E. Carmen Ramos:

Cultivate creativity tip No. 1: Explore

For kids, art can provide a way to express unarticulated emotions and help make sense of the world around them. Madres can nurture their own budding artists by regularly exploring local museums and art centers, exposing them to influences outside of their everyday norm.

Cultivate creativity tip No. 2: Communicate

A common thread among the artists featured in Our America is their ability to portray their own cultural references or political views in innovative ways. Having a message is a great starting point when it comes to creating. Help your child decide what they want to convey with their art and the significance it can represent to others.

Cultivate creativity tip No. 3: Experiment

Encourage your kids to be fearless and experiment with materials and different ways of portraying their artistic instincts. Great art is not just about technical skill, but also ingenuity. Whether materials are recycled or store-bought let them know that art -- as well as their imagination -- is limitless.