Movin’ on up With Dee Vazquez

Long before Dee Vazquez, 28, landed sweet gigs -- hosting Fuse’s “The Chronicles,” writing awareness-raising articles for national magazines, sharing her unique spins on hip-hop music and culture for HOT 97 and SiriusXM -- she was a girl from Queens with a dream.

And as the Puerto Rican and Dominican beauty heads for superstardom, she’s helping other young women reach their goals too. In 2006, Vazquez co-founded the nonprofit Women on the Move (WOTM) to support and educate aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs. Take a peek at the big support system she’s creating.

Field Training “The No. 1 thing we pride ourselves in is the entry-level internships we provide. If you want to get into the music business, politics, fashion or just reinvent yourself, we’ll help you. We’ve won women apprenticeships at record company Def Jam, with G-Unit and with Rachel Johnson, a fashion stylist.”

Women’s Empowerment “We ask promising women who are beginning to thrive in their chosen professions to speak on educational panels. They always tell us how empowering it is to tell their stories. By giving them the platform, they are serving and inspiring other young women, affirming the value of their own lives and experiences.”

The Sisterhood “The women of WOTM are joined together by shared passions and the desire to move up in the world. All who have participated on our panels and listened to our talks from the audience -- even those who’ve simply written emails -- are part of our sisterhood. We have your back; you have ours.”

by Stephanie Eunice