Detailing Your Kid's Dorm Room

It's almost time for students to pack up their bags and head to college to a dorm room. Las Fabulosas equips parents and their hijos with money-saving basics that’ll help outfit a college dorm.

Eliminate Desorden

One typical mistake college freshman make is taking too many belongings to their new dorm room. In essence, a college dorm is a micro-studio apartment, which can become easily cluttered. Prevent discomfort of living in cramped quarters by bringing only what is necessary for a nine-month stay on campus. Choose furniture with multiple functions, such as a chair cube with ample storage or a twin-size bed frame with built-in book or clothing shelves.

College Dorm Essential Aparatos

A top way to save on school expenses is eating in. So look into taking a mini-fridge that stores perishables, beverages, and left-overs. To save more dollars, stop buying bottled water and, instead, purchase a water filter that connects directly to the faucet. For those who need a daily cup of joe, a coffee maker will further cut expenses. If the school allows, a toaster or microwave oven is handy to have to help heat up simple meals. Let’s not forget the cleaning supplies! Apart from a light-weight, upright vacuum cleaner that busts the dust, remember to pack disinfecting wipes for a quick and efficient rub-down of the dorm room.

Dorm Room Decoración

Helping your college-bound kid put their stamp on a new space may offer a sense of security and comfort. Think of creative and inexpensive ways to decorate. One idea is framing a montage of images, such as vintage post cards or photos and with a black metal casing. Pick one or two items as focal pieces that will stand out in the dorm room, such as a rocking chair, a lamp or a tall mirror. Finally, a dash of green brings instant joy. Choose an easy plant that doesn’t require too much sunlight, such as a philodendron, nor too much water, such as a Yucca flamentosa.