Corazon Tierra: Cultivando Body Confidence

With the onset of spring, it’s easy to feel less confident as we shed the layers of winter clothing. For Corazon Tierra, a New York City–based body-esteem expert, getting back body confidence is about making a commitment to love your body no matter the weight or size. Here, Tierra shares some helpful tools that lead to a healthy and realistic body image.

Keep a positive outlook. Repeat these words every morning: “I love my body unconditionally. I treat it with respect and kindness. I am beautiful.” Gradually, you’ll train your mind to substitute self-hatred talk for self-loving thoughts.

Take a magical bath. Water is a feminine element that awakens our goddess nature. Use sea salts or essential oils to prepare a special bath for yourself. Lavender, jasmine, rose and cinnamon are excellent for awakening positive feelings.

Express yourself in your attire. Ask yourself: “How does my presence transform a room when I go in? Does it become more joyful or more harmonious?”

Spend time in nature. Being near trees, flowers and water relaxes your body and uplifts your spirit. Allow yourself to simply be and enjoy the beauty around you.

Express body gratitude. Set aside five minutes several times per week to meditate. Close your eyes, and breathe in and breathe out slowly. Then, touch your legs, knees and feet, giving thanks for everything each body part does for you. Your body will feel completely appreciated and you will shine again.

by Adriana López