Alicia Morga: Online Innovator


An investment banker. A corporate attorney. A venture capitalist. Alicia Morga has been there, done that. Today she is an entrepreneur helping mujeres get their ideas off the ground.

When Alicia Morga realized that advertisers didn’t quite understand the Latino market’s online power, she founded Consorte Media, a digital marketing company that used ciencia instead of hype to match brands with Hispanic-American consumers, in 2005.

“There was a lot of anecdotal evidence, but very little data about what really works,” says Morga. “I was determined to shatter some of the stereotypes about how Latinos ‘should’ be marketed to by collecting real data.”

After five successful years, the Los Angeles native sold her business. But her desire to help Latinas use technology as a tool to reach their dreams kept growing. So her next creation was gottaFeeling, an iPhone application meant to help women become more self-aware. “A woman’s power comes from understanding herself,” she says. “But many are out of touch with their emotions.”

For Morga, it’s simple: Understanding how you feel is the key to knowing what you want. And the more we know our goals, the greater the likelihood of reaching them. “Women are full of fabulous ideas that only need to be realized,” she says.

Morga admits that it’s easy to get distracted on the way to making a vision come to life. But keeping up el animo is a must, and you can do it by relying on friends and family and by doing small tasks that “remind me I am capable of doing something to completion and well,” she says. “I like baking. It’s a great tangible task, and the smell of baked goods always reminds me that everything is going to be OK.”

by Shirley Velásquez