5 Ways to Boost your Career


Moving up the career ladder may seem like a long-term goal, but it’s never too early to get started. In fact, taking incremental steps toward a promotion can be accomplished on a daily basis. Follow these five tips to stay sharp and to keep a competitive edge when it comes time for a promotion:

1.    Use Social Media Strategically: It is not only important to read social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up with the news in your industry, it is just as important to participate in them. Get your opinions out there so that employers can see what you know and how you think.

2.    Education: Find out what skills you need to make it easier for you to advance in your career. Once you know, invest in the right education to develop those skills, whether it is night classes or an additional degree.

3.    Look up: Examine the job descriptions above you in your company and make sure you have what it takes to perform those duties. Lead projects whenever you can and take on as much responsibility as you can manage.

4.    Read: Stay up-to-date with news in your industry. Read as much as you can so you can speak thoroughly about current events and updates within your company, as well as in competitor companies. Don’t forget to read international news as well. Global awareness is a huge strength to bring to an interview.

5.    Network: Get yourself out there! In-person communication is invaluable, so be sure to set up lunch dates and to attend panels and lectures in your field whenever possible. If you can’t set up a meeting with someone, a simple email or phone call goes a long way.