Tango Tangerine: Un Color for All Seasons

Each year, Pantone, the authority on all things color, designates a hue to inspire designers to create everything from lipstick to pencil skirts and more. This year, they chose Tangerine Tango -- a reddish-orange shade -- to recharge the nation. Now you too can add a dash of tang to your home with help from these top design experts.

Add Some Detalles
Small accents and pops of this radiant color are a great way to freshen up your décor. “Incorporate simple naranjada-toned pieces like throw pillows and blankets or lacquer trays and vases in your living room or bedroom,” says Sabrina Soto, host of HGTV’s “The High/Low Project.” “Small appliances in tangerine, such as toasters, teakettles or coffeemakers are fun touches for the kitchen; and adding towels in this shade is a simple solution in the bathroom.”

Mix It In

“To make this trendy color timeless, bring in neutral hues to pair with it,” says Michelle Dunbar, owner of Fashion House Interior Design Co. “Go for a Sedona-inspired palette with deep rust, plus brown, tan or cream along with muted orange. If gray is your neutral, play it up with tangerine and white.”

Make a Permanent Statement
“Custom upholstery is a perfect way to tie Tangerine Tango in for good,” says Soto. Cover a pair of matching chairs or a large ottoman in a solid or patterned fabric for your living room, or order a tufted headboard for your bedroom. “Another great way to add this color is to purchase a few pieces of accent furniture or accessories, such as poufs, side tables, small area rugs and table lamps. “Go bold by painting one wall in your living room this shade,” says Dunbar. “It will really liven up a neutral-toned sofa.”

Skip the Splurge
“An inexpensive way of incorporating orange and tangerine tones in a big way is by using jersey slipcovers on your existing chairs or sofa,” says Dunbar. They cost about $40 and come in a variety of sizes. “Check out vintage and consignment stores, as well as weekend flea markets, for surprising finds,” says Soto.

Photo: @iStockphoto.com/yulkapopkova

by Ivette Manners