5 Ways to Revamp Your Outdoor Space

As the weather warms, we can finally move our festivities and fun outdoors. But now that winter has released us from its freezing grasp, our decks, patios and other outdoor spaces might be in need of a refresh. There’s no need to spend money (or time) on an outdoor renovation: There are plenty of ways you can revamp your outdoor space without spending a chunk of change by using what you already have at home.

Give your furniture a makeover.

The easiest way to spruce up outdoor furniture is by adding pillows. You can fashion new covers out of an old tablecloth or shower curtain or add design elements to the ones you currently have, such as with this easy leaf print design. You can even make pillows out of those plastic bags you amass from the grocery store, no joke. And if you feel your furniture needs more than just new pillows, try refinishing them or paining them a new color. It’s still cheaper than buying a new set.

Let there be light!

Why let those Christmas lights go to waste in hibernation for the holidays? Instead, turn your holiday lights into a string of outdoor lanterns. For smaller lights, you can use ping-pong balls to make orbs of light, fold paper into origami lantern cubes or cut felt into floral fringe. For rounder, larger bulbs, this dyed cheesecloth DIY can transform your lights into bulbs of color that add decorative touch even when they’re turned off.

Recycle and reuse old pieces of wood.

Wooden pallets, sticks that have fallen off trees and other scraps of wood can be used to add interest and make over almost any aspect of your outdoor space. You can turn dirt into a wooden walkway; add an artisanal touch to a glass table; and glue sticks around a glass or bore tea-light-sized holes in a small log to make candle holders. You can also use wooden sticks, spoons or even tongue depressors to label the flowers, herbs, produce and trees in your garden (this is especially fun for kids and guests!).

Put unused containers to use.

Wooden boxes and baskets make especially great planters, but any old container will do. In fact, the more interesting, the better (old toys, teacups, etc.). Fill your chosen container up with dirt and plant as you would in a pot. You can also turn containers and other concave objects into bird baths and feeders.

Roll yourself an outdoor rug.

Do you have a tablecloth you bought and perhaps only used a few times? All you need to do is roll on a couple coats of some water-based polyurethane (about $10 a can) and you’ve got yourself an outdoor rug. It’s a great way to add a pop of color or deign to a patio floor.

Don’t feel in the mood for DIY projects? The simplest way to refresh your outdoor space is just to rearrange your furniture, plants and other décor in a new way.