An Inolvidable Fourth of July

Easily the summer’s most important celebration, hosting an Independence Day party presents the perfect opportunity to bring la famiilia together. But like any other big gathering celebration, lots of planning is required to pull off the event. We offer a few helpful tips to make the party memorable:

A Bonfire: The perfect setting for reminiscing about the good ol’ days or swapping stories and jokes among family members, bonfires add a measure of liveliness and create a romantic backdrop. The key is to let everyone know when you plan to light or deactivate the pits so that guests can keep a safe distance.

Fireworks: A quintessential crowd pleaser, fireworks on the fourth will add a magical element to your guests’ experience. A safe option is an “Aeriel Repeater” because they give off a small show with just one light of the fuse. The key here is to choose a location and set up your equipment for your fire show before guests arrive. Alternatives to fireworks include stocking up on sparklers and poppers that guests can throw freely.

Games: A great way to entertain the little ones is to have a selection of outdoor activities for kids to play in the yard. Think of sports like volleyball, badminton, Wiffle ball and hula hooping as fun ways to get the party going. Whatever you do, try to keep the kids offline to ensure that they’ll definitely interact with each other.

Food: Choose foods that are easy to prepare so that you will enjoy maximum time with your guests. Hot dogs are a safe bet, whether they’re cooked on the grill or roasted over the fire. Then pair the hot dogs with something like Goya’s simple and refreshing four-bean salad, a great combo on a warm summer afternoon.