Get the Mother’s Day You Deserve

As a busy mom running the family and household, “Mother’s Day should be all about making the woman feel loved and appreciated,” says Pattie Cordova, blogger at Living Mi Vida Loca. To host this year’s family celebrations, we have five party-planning steps to keep you the star of the festivities -- and not the cocinera or cleaner.

Pre-Party Prep

Once the kids are asleep, begin setting up the night before. Organize all of the tableware and serving dishes. 

Papi Potluck

Mother’s Day is the perfect time for you -- and your fellow mom guests -- to take a backseat. Ask all of the invited men to make and bring one dish -- preferably the mom’s favorite. Be sure to have a good mix of entrees, sides and desserts. For the meal that you or your husband will prepare, “debut one special dish for that extra effort,” says Cordova.

Keep it Simple

If the weather permits, move the celebration outdoors and use nature’s beauty as the decoration. For indoor décor, bring in soft colors and pretty objects, such as simple pastel flowers and table linens, and scented candles scattered around the home, says Cordova. For cocktails, choose your favorite wines to reduce cleanup and time spent making drinks. 

Minimized Cleanup

Place trash bags in key locations around the house to minimize the after-party cleanup, and be sure people know where they are located. Using paper goods for food and drinks will eliminate unnecessary dish washing. 

Indulge and Pamper

Once the guests leave, continue the celebration by indulging in an at-home spa night. “Get the bath set up with a new set of bath salts, candles and relaxing music,” says Cordova. You’ve earned it.