FĂștbol Makes Us Family: Make Game Time Party Time

There is sure to be a lot of exciting fútbol played this summer, so use this opportunity to spend quality time together creating long-lasting memories. Here are six ways to host a party la familia and friends will be talking about until the next celebration.

Set the Scene

Hang fútbol-themed streamers and different countries' colors around the room. Set the table like a field with a green tablecloth and square white bowls on each side as goals. You can even cut out coasters from AstroTurf that can be purchased from a local hardware store.

Game time -- Pin the Ball on the Goal

Set up a large corkboard on one side of the room with an image of a goal. Let each member of your family attempt to pin a ball into the goal while blindfolded. Whoever gets the ball closest to the center wins.

Dress Code

Give the party a theme where each member of the family has to dress in their favorite team’s color or uniform. Athletic sweat bands or socks are encouraged!

Snack Time

Create a nacho bar. This is fun because everyone gets to make their own plate starting with a base of tortilla chips, but you can keep it healthier by selecting fresh toppings like onions, black beans, tomatoes, jalapenos, salsa and low-fat cheese and sour cream. 

For a delicious nacho recipe that's packed with protein, check out Goya's black bean nachos.

Raise the Stakes

Make a rule that the person who selects the winning team gets a prize. They can give away their chores for the week or choose their favorite meal for dinner the next night.

Tasty Arts and Crafts

Cupcakes will make for a sweet ending to the party. Bake them ahead of time, and then lay them out with sprinkles and icing in various colors. Let everyone in the family decorate their own after their favorite teams and players.