Fat-Burning Comidas to Help You Lose Weight

Are you trying a new dieta each month only to find yourself in the same shape -- or even gaining weight?

The next time you try to lose weight, focus on the quality of your calories versus the number itself. “Go back to the basics with ‘nature’s foods’,” says Dr. Linda Marquez, a certified nutritionist and wellness educator. Here are her recommendations for superfoods to help you burn fat and lose weight. 

Marquez lists grapefruit as a good fat-burning food to incorporate into your daily diet. “It isn’t a magic fruit,” she says, “but is very filling and will satisfy your appetite because of the fiber content.” Grapefruit helps stabilize blood sugar and lower insulin levels, so you’re less likely to want to reach for an afternoon candy bar. It also contains disease-fighting properties and is packed with nutrients and vitamins.

Fruits that are high in agua content will also make you feel fuller, leaving less room for more fattening foods. Marquez recommends watermelon, nectarines, tangerines, apples and pears, which are also high in fiber.

Do you find yourself telling los niños to eat their broccoli? Take your own advice. “Not only is it high in fiber content, but broccoli has a chemical that helps metabolize the excess estrogen that we’re getting in our foods,” says Marquez. “Estrogen is the reason we’re rounder with more curves.”

Look for low-calorie, water-rich vegetables such as celery, zanahoria and cucumbers. These foods will fill you up while providing nutritional benefits such as antioxidants and vitamins.

Marquez recommends choosing organic fruits and vegetables when possible, to avoid chemicals that foods are sprayed with and exposed to. “These chemicals can create a hormone imbalance, leading to possible obesity and diabetes,” she says.

The body burns more calories when it has plenty of protein, so opt for comidas in this food group instead of starchy carbs, says Marquez. Your best option is protein-rich fish such as salmon or tuna. “Fish is low in fat, high in protein and contains lots of B vitamins,” she says. These vitamins help your body burn fat and make energy from food.

Other high-protein foods include eggs, which contain the fat-burning vitamin B12; high-fiber nuts such as almonds and peanuts; and gluten-free grains like quinoa and oats, which are also good sources of iron and fiber.

by Lauren Fischer