Casa Romántica

If there is a month to make your home sizzle, it would be February. True, the Christmas ornaments were just put away, but who can resist infusing romance and amor into the décor in time for Valentine’s Day? Make your casita red-hot with these ideas.

1. Aromas Scents for the home can create a hypnotic effect. Add instant warmth to any room by spraying spicy notes such as jasmine, and florals such as gardenia, hyacinth and tuberose. Look for scented candles that will subtly odorize without overpowering. Sprinkle perfume on a lightbulb, which will diffuse sexy olores when turned on.

2. Bowl of caramelos Fill a bowl with your favorite candy, such as Hershey’s Kisses, spicy cinnamon hearts or Sweet’s Sour Lips. And if being healthy is a priority, use apples, pomegranates and blood oranges.

3. From el bedroom to le boudoir Texturize your bedroom with soft fabrics and exuberant colors. Add a cashmere throw to the edge of your bed; fill a vase with velvety flores, such cockscombs, and place it our on your nightstand or windowsill.

4. Boleros Does anything put you in the mood for love like music does? Play an old Cuban mambo, an enchanting tango or a jazzy standard sung by Latina singers, such as Claudia Acuña.

5. Corazon wreath Create a heart-shaped wreath that’s made of felt roses. Start by cutting strips of the fabric in a circular motion. Then go back and scallop the edges, and roll each strip into a circle. Next, use a hot glue gun to hold each flower together. Afterward, glue each rose onto the heart template that you’re using. Finally punch a hole into your wood or foam heart template, and pull a red ribbon through it to hang your mini masterpiece.

6. The Baño spa Create a sensual atmosphere by using water to relax your pretendiente. First, fill a warm bathtub and add a blend of essential oils, such as lavender, jasmine, ylang-ylang and ginger. Then sprinkle the agua with red or pink rose petals. Finally, soften el ambiente with candles set in votives or glass dishes.

by Shirley Velásquez