Using Your Baby’s Products

When you’re busy purchasing products, from lotions to wipes, for your baby, you may forget to invest in your own goods. So, when you’re in a bind, you grab the first lotion on your bathroom vanity -- and it’s for your baby. But are baby products as effective? Here, Dr. Rolanda Johnson, who received a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and works with Procter and Gamble beauty scientists, fills us in.

The answer, in short, is that products designed for your baby, which not counterproductive, are not as productive as compared to using moisturizing treatments designed for your skin needs and concerns.

Most babies, unless they are experiencing skin problems, do not need a high level of added moisturization on their skin as their skin is in its prime- a plump, hydrated, even skin tone. The skin cellular turnover rate is at its optimum, all of the natural moisturizing factors are present to deliver the proper level of water in the skin and there is no big concern of sun exposure at this time.

However, as we age, we lose the intrinsic skin characteristics of babies. What's more is that the extrinsic factors like sun exposure become more of a problem when skin is exposed to the sun over time. If you don't have protection from sun damage, you are lacking care and protection that your skin needs, as the baby product will not have the specific ingredients that will address the concerns of your skin.

Do yourself -- and your skin -- a favor, and go shopping for yourself once in a while! Your body will thank you later.

by The Editors of Fabulosamente Latina