And There Shall Be Luz

Want to dramatically update your casita’s look this winter without spending a ton? Manja Swanson, chief creative officer at Lamps Plus, says functionality is at the top of the list when choosing any type of lighting. That said, there are three basic types of lighting to keep in mind:

  • Task lighting
    Provides illumination for specific tasks, such as cooking or applying your makeup.
  • Ambient lighting
    Also called general lighting, provides overall illumination. This type of lighting is good for a laundry space or garage.
  • Accent lighting
    Adds drama to a room by creating visual interest.  Accent lighting is used to draw your eye to details around the room like paintings or interesting architectural details.

Otras Opciones
Right now, lighting design is all about a return to glamour and tradition.  You can get this look by choosing lighting with aged gold tones or by installing a gorgeous crystal chandelier. You can also give a room a quick makeover by simply switching out a fixture’s lampshades. "You can do it based on the season, a current trend or your favorite color," says Swanson.

She also recommends installing dimmers, which allow you to adjust a room’s lighting level. "They can take you from cooking dinner, when at the highest setting, to an intimate meal by simply changing to a lower setting." Most DIY-ers can install a dimmer in less than an hour, depending on the style. 

Quickie Tip
Light bulbs are also a fast and easy way to change your home’s ambience. Consider switching your outdoor bulbs to colored ones during the holidays.  For example, yellow bulbs would be fun for Easter, blue or red for the 4th of July.

by Robyn Moreno