Style Your Hair the Right Way

As much as we all love our blow-dryers, straightening irons and curling irons, excessive heat when hairstyling can weaken your hair structure and affect its health. The heat created by styling tools can degrade hair’s proteins, so it is important to minimize hair’s exposure to heat.

Using a heat-protective spray before hairstyling, holding the blow-dyer several inches away from hair and quickly passing straightening irons through hair so that the heat is not concentrated in one area are all excellent preventative measures against heat damage.

Excessive friction from manual hairstyling, like overly-zealous brushing, backcombing or teasing can also weaken one’s hair structure and affect hair health. To protect healthy hair from friction-related hairstyling damage, use conditioner every time you shampoo (be sure to choose the conditioner that is right for your hair structure and the look you want to achieve), detangle wet hair with a wide-toothed comb, and try root-lifting products to create lift and volume rather than backcombing.

by The Editors of Fabulosamente Latina