5 Minutes to a Fresh Face

Busy mamis have it all, except for one thing: time. But that doesn’t mean they need to sacrifice their beauty routine. Radiant, glowing skin can be achieved without spending hours in front of the mirror. “The secret to achieving beautiful skin is to stick to basics,” says celebrity makeup artist Stephanie Flor, who has worked with everyone from Mariah Carey to international presidents. Flor helps speed up your daily morning routine and gets you gorgeous in minutes.

La Piel: Begin your day with these steps to achieve a healthy appearance.

1. Start with a morning cleanse. “Exfoliate once or twice a week,” says Flor, “but no more, because you need those oils to keep the skin hydrated.”

2. Use a toner such as witch hazel. “It refreshes the skin, opening the pores and cleaning them,” says Flor.

3. Use a moisturizer and eye cream.

4. This step, says Flor, is optional. Apply a primer, waiting five minutes after moisturizing to let it sink into the skin. “Toner and primer create a flawless canvas,” says Flor.

Maquillaje: Getting a finished look doesn’t require a bag full of makeup. Flor recommends these essentials.

1. Mascara is a must, as it opens the eyes. If you have an extra minute or two to spare, curl the lashes with a lash curler (prior to applying mascara). If you’re lacking time, wiggle your mascara to get the full lash effect.

2. Apply concealer to help the eyes look brighter (which can also be achieved with a little bronzer). “Most women only apply concealer under the eyes, but bring it up to the top of the ear,” says Flor. “It gives you an instant lift without the hassle of putting on foundation.”

3. If you opt for bronzer for your glow, try Flor’s trick of three, instead of just focusing on the cheeks. Start at the forehead and follow your hairline to the ear, then under the jaw line. “This gives you definition, and you’ll look slimmer in minutes,” says Flor.

4. Last trick (time permitting): “For my Latinas, I always suggest mixing a little highlighter with foundation to get a glowing complexion, and to groom the brows because they’re the windows to the eyes,” says Flor.

Additional Beauty Secretos: Flor emphasizes that consuming plenty of fruits, veggies and agua will help you achieve flawless skin without needing the use of too many products. Look for non-alcoholic beauty products, and anything with aloe and vitamin E.

by Lauren Fischer