Getting Long and Beautiful Hair

There are a number of hair growth myths we have heard across the years. One myth is that cutting hair will it help grow faster or thicker. This hair growth myth may have something to do with the fact that hair, when it is cut and has a good shape, tends to look healthier than hair that has no shape and/or a lot of split ends. You can plump up your hair by using volume-enhancing styling products, and a good cut can also help you “fake” volume -- layered hair works well to achieve this. But cutting hair will not make it grow faster or thicker, as hair has a normal, biologically determined growth rate and overall texture, making this a hair growth myth.

As with other myths of hair growth, there are questions about what products can really grow hair. On average, hair growth is about a quarter of an inch to half an inch every month. While science has made huge technological advances that do help promote hair growth, myths of hair growth and old wives’ methods such as scalp massage, hanging upside down, rubbing magic elixirs into your scalp and getting it cut when the moon is waxing have not been scientifically proven to grow hair faster.

by The Editors of Fabulosamente Latina