Fabric dryer sheets are great for keeping your luggage fresh and quickly removing static.

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Fabric dryer sheets are great for keeping your luggage fresh and quickly removing static.

A navy blazer will take you through spring, summer and fall.

Tan or neutral-colored heels will make your legs look longer. Plus, they are super-cute year-round.

If you’re planning a night on the town, opt for a wristlet -- rather than a clutch -- that you can hang on to while you boogie.

Jazz up your look with a bright-colored skirt you can wear during summer and fall with either a white blouse or a black turtleneck.

Getting ready for your next business trip? Pack a wrinkle-free dress, slacks and a blazer to get you through the week.

Go from day to night in a flash with a strappy black cotton dress and a change of jewelry.

If you’re packing for spring or summer break at the last minute, don’t panic: There are only three shoes you’ll need: sneakers, casual sandals and strappy sandals.

Wanna be unstoppable in those new skin-tight jeans? Put them on when you first get ready. Just lightly spray them with water, do a few jumping jacks and voila -- you’ve broken them in.

Pashmina to the rescue! Use it as a shawl, blanket or pillow when you’re on the road.

Quickly revamp your little black dress by pairing it with a bright belt or cardigan during the day. Or, add a colorful broach or necklace to your mix.

Busy week ahead? Don’t just set aside your clothes the night before; plan ahead on Sunday and prep your outfits and accessories for the entire week.

Don’t let fashion keep you from quickly getting where you need to go. Keep a fashionable pair of flats or sandals in your handbag or in your car and wear them during your commute so you won’t slow down or ruin your shoes.

If you’re in need of a fancy dress, start shopping a month early so you have time to choose from online and in-store options that you can return. Also, include time for alterations.

Need to glam up your look in a flash? Have a set of go-to earrings for every occasion: big silver hoops, pearls, shiny studs and small gold hoops.