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Lingerie-loving Latina: Wendy Gonzalez

By: Robyn Moreno

Mexican-American Wendy Gonzalez learned the ins and outs of the fashion business early; her dad was a manufacturer in downtown Los Angeles. But it was her mama who taught her about silk and lace, being demurely sexy, and all things pretty.

Armed with her dad’s keen business sense and her mom’s singular style, Wendy started Wendy Glez, a cheeky chic lingerie line, in 2001. With the aim of blending function with fashion, Wendy pioneered the “comfy loungewear” trend. “At that time, there were either overtly sexy or unflattering support bras. I knew there was a market for something that was pretty, luxury and totally wearable.”

Wendy was right, and she soon found a legion of fans for her gorgeous French lace camisoles that actually hold in those senos, including Halle Berry, Kate Hudson, Carmen Electra and Terri Hatcher. A big fan of vintage for its one-of-a-kind appeal and eco value, her line included sexy and wearable ’50s-inspired loungewear way before theMad Men” fashion craze. She recently sold part of her company to big-gun investors, proving she’s about as savvy about business as she is about bras. She now plans to invest in other companies to take her Wendy Glez spirit worldwide.

But Wendy’s success isn’t making her too big for her silk and chiffon britches. She is having tons of fun and sharing her daily inspirations with her huge audience via her new blog, Daily Fete.

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Robyn Moreno is a proud Latina of Mexican-American heritage, and has co-written, and co-edited two Latino-centric books: Suave: The Latin Male, a fashion book about Latino style icons, and Border-Line Personalities: A New Generation of Latinas Dish on Sex, Sass, and Cultural Shifting, an honest and irreverent anthology about life as a modern Latina.

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