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I sweat a lot when it's hot outside. Is there anything I can do to prevent excess moisture and bad odors?

By: Erin Keene

Though remaining cool in the midst of intensive activity may be beyond our control, it is possible to battle excessive sweating with these tips:

Choose the right product: Start by using antiperspirant. There are many over-the-counter options or even prescription alternatives if you are looking for higher strength. Deodorants fight odor, not moisture, while antiperspirant-deodorant combos tackle both.

Choose the right time: The products you use are just as important as when you use them. Dermatologists recommend applying antiperspirant before bed and then reapplying it in the morning for the best results. At night your skin is completely dry so there is a much greater chance for the antiperspirant to get into the sweat glands and block them. It should be applied directly to the “problem” areas. Beware of any irritation, and avoid those areas again in the future.

Dress strategically: Choose clothing that will help you battle the elements. Lightweight, breathable fabrics will help air you out when yofu’re moving around, or even when you’re just sitting down. Powders, which are made specifically for feet, are a great way to soak up foot moisture.

Moderate body temperature: Cold showers and drinking ice-cold water, as well as any other activity that can quickly lower your core temperature, will also help minimize sweat.

Erin Keene is a New York City-based writer and contributor to Las Fabulosas. 

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